Why I am Running for Council

Residents often ask, “Why are you running for Strongsville Council? You have so much on your plate.”

It’s true that I have a lot of responsibilities as a lawyer and as a mom, but, in my childhood, I learned the Girl Scout law to leave a place better than I found it. So the short answer is that I am running to make Strongsville better by serving residents.

Councilwoman Kelly Kosek around age 11 in her Girl Scout uniform. Weren’t the 80s fun?

Residents deserve a councilmember who:

  • advocates for adding amenities, like Silver Sneakers, pickleball, and playgrounds.
  • helps to get their street paved and plowed.
  • thinks outside of the box, questions the status quo, and builds consensus on council.
  • is fiscally responsible and who won’t raise taxes.

Since 2018, I’ve accomplished all of these things to help make Strongsville better. I hope you’ll vote for me on November 2 to allow me to continue my service.

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