Ward 3 Appointment

As 2017 draws to a close, it is an excellent time for gratitude and reflection, and I have a lot to be thankful for this year: my beautiful boys, Sawyer and Beckett, and my wonderful husband, Jason. I’m also thankful for my parents and my brothers who, along with Jason and the kids, have fully supported my run for city council.

I am grateful to the nearly 5,000 Strongsville voters who voted for me. I am so honored to have your trust and support.

Earlier this week, I applied for the Ward 3 seat.  Many of you have asked about the appointment process.  Applications are being taken until December 18.  Then council members will interview applicants and vote.  You can call or email your council representatives to encourage them to appoint me  to the Ward 3 seat. If you’re unsure about which ward you’re in, you can find it here.  The council members who will vote to fill the council vacancies are:

With your help and support, I hope that I will have the opportunity to represent the good people of Ward 3 and to serve the residents of Strongsville along side these fine council members.

Thank you, Strongsville.

First off, congratulations to Joe DeMio, Jim Carbone, and Matt Schonhut on their victories yesterday.

While I am disappointed by the outcome of yesterday’s council election, I remain humbled by the support the good people of Strongsville have shown me during the course of this campaign. I am encouraged by all of my interaction with people from across our city and am strengthened in my belief that not only is Strongsville a great place to live now, but that with a new vision and the right leadership, our city will remain a premier destination for families and business alike. Ours was a campaign built on positive, creative energy, and I am so proud that we were able to maintain this upbeat attitude from start to finish.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped and supported the campaign, and would like to specifically thank my husband, Jason, for the sacrifices he made to support my run for City Council. I would also like to give special thanks to my son, Sawyer. Many of you met him while he was campaigning with me. This morning he asked me if he can help me next time.

So, with that in mind, while we were not victorious yesterday, we will continue to carry our message and vision forward that Strongsville should be a place where government is open to all of the people.

To this end, I have decided that I will seek appointment for the Ward 3 Council seat that was vacated by Councilman Carbone’s election to an At-Large seat, as I still believe that I can bring an important and needed voice to council. To those who voted for me, I am forever grateful for the trust you were willing to put in me, and I hope that, in the future, I will have an opportunity to serve you in building a greater Strongsville.

Sunday’s Storms

I am hearing that there are significant downed trees and power lines around Strongsville.  If you are going out on the road, please be alert.

Many are still without power.  I hope that everyone is safe and that safety forces and the power company are working to get everything working again.

As of now, Strongsville City Schools are still open tomorrow, November 6th.

Election Day is November 7th

I’m sitting here on Sunday night, after a long day of canvassing and a nice dinner with my family. I am proud of the campaign that we’ve run. We have run this campaign with integrity and without big money. Throughout this campaign, I have been honest and forthright, because that’s how I was raised to be. I did my best to explain–through a positive campaign–what I stand for and why I am the best choice to represent you and your family. Over the last few days of this campaign, I will continue to work to earn your vote on Tuesday, November 7th. When you go to the polls on Tuesday, I hope you will vote for honesty, integrity, and change and cast your vote to make me your next Strongsville City Council Member At-Large.


From the Strongsville Post: Letter to the Editor from Curt Bissell, Strongsville Resident

This article appeared in the Strongsville Post this weekend:

I am voting for Kelly Kosek in this election

To the Editor:

I’ve had the chance to get to know Kelly Kosek over the last six months as we cheered on our boys at Strongsville Swim League meets. I will be voting for her this November. Here are two reasons why I am voting for Kelly and why I hope you will too.

1. Kosek is a smart, dynamic, caring leader.

As a successful lawyer and partner in her law firm, Kosek demonstrates intelligence and leadership. She is a persuasive communicator. And she is both intelligent and personable, which I discovered in the first five minutes I talked with her.
She also listens, and she cares. Our boys recently had a spat on the bus. Together with Kelly, we were able to find a productive solution that actually helped the boys become better friends. Although a small example, I think it demonstrates Kelly’s ability to understand the needs of our community. She can cut through conflict in order to implement solutions that will strengthen Strongsville.

2. Diversity matters.

I’m not talking about a buzzword here. I’m talking about diversity that helps us see the world more clearly. A more diverse council will better find solutions to problems and keep our community a desirable place to raise a family and do business. And a more diverse council will better reflect all of our values.

Everyone of you has had a woman in your life–mother, grandmother, teacher, doctor, aunt, friend–who has made your life better in a way than a man simply could not. She brought different life experience, intuition, learning, and perspective that uplifted you, challenged you, motivated you.

A council without a female is missing a vital voice for our community, and Strongsville has been missing that female voice since 2001. We have the opportunity to change that this year with a vote for Kelly Kosek.

Kosek offers so much more than gender diversity. She brings experience as a lawyer, wife, mother, friend, and Strongsville community member. She does indeed offer a new voice for Strongsville.

I would encourage you to vote for Kelly because we need a smart, dynamic female leader on council. We need a voice of diversity on our council. We need a leader who listens, who cares, and who acts. That leader is Kelly Kosek.

Curt Bissell

It’s Time for Change!

Vote for Kosek on Nov. 7
Kelly Kosek is a lawyer, mom, wife, and neighbor.

Election day is Tuesday, November 7.  Strongsville voters will be presented with a big choice at the ballot box.  Who do Strongsville voters want to represent them for the next 4 years as City Council Members At-Large?

I’m asking Strongsville voters to choose change and to vote for me.  I’m a lawyer and a mom.  I’m not a politician.  I’m running for Strongsville City Council because we shouldn’t settle for the status quo.  I will bring ethics, transparency, and change to Strongsville.

If you are ready for change, please remember to vote for me on November 7th!