Kelly A. Kosek, Strongsville City Councilwoman, Representing Ward 3

My name is Kelly Kosek.  I’m a mom, lawyer, and a Strongsville neighbor.  I was appointed the Ward 3 Councilwoman on January 23, 2018.  In 2019, I am running to retain the Ward 3 seat, so that I can continue to advocate for Ward 3 residents.  I am passionate about ensuring Strongsville’s economic health, while providing family-friendly amenities for residents.  In the time that I’ve served as Ward 3’s Councilwoman, I sponsored and passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of vaping equipment to children.  I led the Council to bringing a new ADA-compliant playground at Surrarrer Park.  I have also served as the Economic Development committee chair, and created resident advisory boards to assist in planning for retail, industry, and technology in the city.  Additionally, I created Strongsville’s Outdoor Movie Fun Night, where 1000 enjoyed a movie under the stars.  I have also met with residents about flooding issues, nuisance problems, and street repair.  I have also held three Ward meetings this year.

I have been honored to serve Ward 3 Residents since 2018, and I hope that I have earned residents’ support.  I am asking Ward 3 residents to “Keep Kelly” as the Ward 3 Councilwoman on November 5.

This website is paid for by Friends of Kelly A. Kosek.

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