Vote to Keep Kelly in Ward 3 on Nov. 5

Over the past 20 months, it has been my pleasure to serve Ward 3 residents. We have built Surrarrer Park for children with all abilities. We have had 2 Council-sponsored Hayrides. We held a free Outdoor Movie and Family Fun Night. I have held three Ward 3 resident meetings. I’ve gotten to know and help residents with their day-to-day lives. I’ve done my best to keep you informed about happenings in Strongsville.

Now, it’s your turn to speak up. If you’d like me to continue serving you and Strongsville, I ask that you vote to #KeepKellyinWard3 on Nov. 5. And please, spread the word by telling your friends and neighbors.

#KeepKelly #KeepKosek #CommittedtoCommunityPlayground with Sign

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