Silver Sneakers and Strongsville: Butter Together!

It feels so great when you accomplish a goal!

Since joining Council, Ann Roff and I have been working towards getting Silver Sneakers accepted at the Strongsville Rec Center. In 2019, we heard from so many residents that they were tired of going to other community’s rec centers to exercise and that they wanted to come to the Strongsville Rec Center. With the pandemic, the Rec center has seen the its revenue decrease. It was a perfect opportunity to re-visit Silver Sneakers and at last everyone agreed that it made sense to partner with Silver Sneakers! And today, October 26, is the first day that Silver Sneakers will be accepted at the Strongsville Rec Center.

Ann Roff and I had a wonderful time celebrating the opening of Silver Sneakers today with residents (and a little popcorn!) as residents came to the Rec Center to register for the Silver Sneakers program. If you missed us today, you can register any time at the Rec.

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