Kosek Has Significant Experience in Private Sector

It’s no secret that I’m a proud mom and lawyer. I’ve used my experiences as a lawyer and as a mom to bring a different perspective to council. You can be certain that when I’m reading a proposed ordinance, I’m considering the legal consequences of the proposal. And I hope you know by now that I take my role as an advocate for all residents quite seriously. In fact, growing up in a working-class family, I understand what it’s like to struggle when times are tough, so I’ve been steadfast in not raising taxes as a councilmember.

My family at the 2021 Breakfast on the Bridge

But as I was reflecting on this year’s council race, I realized that in addition to my compassion as a mom and problem-solving skills as an attorney, I am the only candidate for Council At-Large who has 20 years of experience in the private sector.

As a partner in a mid-sized law firm, I have responsibility for the success the business. I help to navigate all the issues that arise in a private company, such as marketing efforts, controlling costs, attracting new clients, etc. And my business experience is not limited to being a law-firm partner. As a business litigator, I work with a variety of businesses to represent them in contractual and business disputes and provide legal and practical advice.

Working in the private sector, I’ve learned about achieving efficiencies that can help cut through some government red tape. I also understand what it takes for a business to be successful, and I can use that knowledge to help improve Strongsville’s economic development.

As a councilmember, I am uniquely positioned to leverage my experiences as a businessperson, lawyer, and mom. I consider the needs of residents and balance those needs with my understanding of the law and business to ensure that Strongsville is economically healthy, and also attractive and responsive to residents. It’s that kind of experience that allows me to help our administration maintain Strongsville’s AAA bond rating in spite of the financial crisis of 2020, while still focusing on adding new amenities like Silver Sneakers and ADA-compliant playgrounds.

I have the right mix of experience to navigate Strongsville through whatever the future holds. I hope you’ll agree and vote for me on November 2 (or earlier, if you’ve requested an absentee ballot).

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