Your Silver Sneakers Questions Answered

Q: What is Silver Sneakers?

A: SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for Seniors that’s included with many Medicare Plans. If you currently have a Medicare Plan and you want to see if it includes SilverSneakers, you can check your SilverSneakers eligibility instantly here.

Q: What is included in Silver Sneakers?

A: I understand that there are online offerings, but you can also go to participating gyms at no additional cost to you, simply by entering your membership number. We’re so excited in Strongsville that the Rec Center is now a participating gym!

Q: Will exercise classes be included in the Silver Sneakers at the Strongsville Rec?

A: At this time, no. But Silver Sneakers members will be able to sign up for the exercise classes that are offered at the Rec at the discounted membership rate.

Q: When will the Strongsville Rec begin accepting Silver Sneakers?

A: On October 26!

Q: Does it cost seniors anything to use Silver Sneakers?

A: If you already have a Medicare plan that includes Silver Sneakers, then no! You can come to the Strongsville Rec and Senior center at no additional cost! Your Medicare plan will pay the Rec center $2.50 per visit, so it’s a benefit for YOU and Strongsville.

If you have more questions, the Strongsville Rec center can help answer. But of course, I can help with any questions you might have, too!

One thought on “Your Silver Sneakers Questions Answered

  1. Thank you so much ! I live in Strongsville, but had to use Middleburg Hts. and Berea recreation centers because they accept Silver Sneakers. I’m finally going to be able to use this benefit in my city and not have to travel…


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