Traffic Update — Railroad Crossings in Ward 3

Since becoming Ward 3’s Councilwoman in 2018, I have heard numerous complaints about the railroad tracks.  They need to be repaired, without a doubt.  But the timing of working on them now–while the 82/42 construction is going on–is bad.

CSX repaired the railroad tracks on Prospect on 8/21 and 8/22.  Because the detour traffic was so heavy, the Service Dept. closed Westwood from Alameda to Pearl to through traffic.  It was unexpected and frustrating for residents.

As of today, Prospect is open and so is Westwood.  Unfortunately, Albion will be closed the remainder of the week, at least.

Additionally, Pearl/Royalton has a new traffic pattern that is causing additional traffic.  If you need to go through that intersection, please allow extra time.

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