From the Strongsville Post: Letter to the Editor from Curt Bissell, Strongsville Resident

This article appeared in the Strongsville Post this weekend:

I am voting for Kelly Kosek in this election

To the Editor:

I’ve had the chance to get to know Kelly Kosek over the last six months as we cheered on our boys at Strongsville Swim League meets. I will be voting for her this November. Here are two reasons why I am voting for Kelly and why I hope you will too.

1. Kosek is a smart, dynamic, caring leader.

As a successful lawyer and partner in her law firm, Kosek demonstrates intelligence and leadership. She is a persuasive communicator. And she is both intelligent and personable, which I discovered in the first five minutes I talked with her.
She also listens, and she cares. Our boys recently had a spat on the bus. Together with Kelly, we were able to find a productive solution that actually helped the boys become better friends. Although a small example, I think it demonstrates Kelly’s ability to understand the needs of our community. She can cut through conflict in order to implement solutions that will strengthen Strongsville.

2. Diversity matters.

I’m not talking about a buzzword here. I’m talking about diversity that helps us see the world more clearly. A more diverse council will better find solutions to problems and keep our community a desirable place to raise a family and do business. And a more diverse council will better reflect all of our values.

Everyone of you has had a woman in your life–mother, grandmother, teacher, doctor, aunt, friend–who has made your life better in a way than a man simply could not. She brought different life experience, intuition, learning, and perspective that uplifted you, challenged you, motivated you.

A council without a female is missing a vital voice for our community, and Strongsville has been missing that female voice since 2001. We have the opportunity to change that this year with a vote for Kelly Kosek.

Kosek offers so much more than gender diversity. She brings experience as a lawyer, wife, mother, friend, and Strongsville community member. She does indeed offer a new voice for Strongsville.

I would encourage you to vote for Kelly because we need a smart, dynamic female leader on council. We need a voice of diversity on our council. We need a leader who listens, who cares, and who acts. That leader is Kelly Kosek.

Curt Bissell

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