Great Turnout for Strongsville Homecoming Parade!


Thank you to everyone who came out to march in the 2017 Strongsville Homecoming Parade.  We had amazing turnout!  Some of the best signs included, “Moms Know Best,” “Vote 4 My Mom,” “Kosek for Change,” and “Kelly for Families.”  It was hot, but it was so wonderful to meet so many Strongsville residents!


This kiddos were running around like crazies before the parade, so they opted to catch a wagon ride for the parade itself.  Such troopers on a crazy-hot day!


The star balloons were the perfect compliment to our logo!  Thank you again to everyone who participated and everyone who came out to the parade.  I’m excited for all of the folks I met and I’m looking forward to getting to know even more residents in the days to come!

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